The SECOF Story

At SECOF Construction Company, Inc., we are quietly redefining how you think about coastal construction.

Founded in 1998, SECOF Construction Company of Wilmington, NC is a full service builder that is uniquely equipped to handle all aspects of your construction process in-house. With over three decades of combined experience, the pride taken in the quality of workmanship is evident in every home.

SECOF Construction Company, Inc., owned by Ken Coffer and Matt Murphy combines over 36 years of construction, land and site development. Ken and Matt joined forces with the help of Bert Murphy to create a company offering a turnkey solution for residential and commercial building.

In 2014, Ken's son, Ken Jr. joined the SECOF team as the Project Manager.  He is excited to carry on the family business.

SECOF not only offers the new home with quality construction, but custom home designing, lot clearing, water and sewer installation, erosion control and many minute details before the home ever leaves the ground.

SECOF homes are built to last, to grow in value, to be classically good-looking, and to fulfill the buyer's and builder's expectations.